White Castle vs. Spago: Which restaurant is more romantic?

My friend Jim recently e-mailed me a photo of an Ohio White Castle sign that listed a phone number for Valentine’s Day reservations. I uploaded the photo to my Facebook page, proud that a fast food restaurant in my home state had discovered humor and had shared its discovery so publicly. A friend then informed me that the regional burger chain really does offer a Valentine’s Day special. I called White Castle headquarters (which I have to imagine is some type of castle) in Columbus, Ohio, to confirm. Vice president of corporate relations Jamie Richardson gave me the lowdown.

Since 1991, White Castle has offered diners an actual Valentine’s Day eating experience. The regional chain is known for its small, square hamburgers, which are called “Slyders” and are best enjoyed at 2:30 am after several beers. On Feb. 14 White Castle customers are treated to an actual sit-down, candlelit dinner. White Castle sent me a cheeky press release that promised its customers a “steamy date” that will “cook up romance.” That got me thinking. Sure, White Castle offers a steamy date compared to a night at Burger King. But how does White Castle stack up against a world-famous restaurant, one like Spago Beverly Hills?

I reported my findings at MadeMan.com in a piece called The White Castle Valentine’s Day Dinner.

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles

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