When the hell are they? A few thoughts on the first two episodes of Season 5 of Lost

– Lost is off to a rock-solid start. I have said it before and I will say it again. Between Lost and 24, and until recently the The Wire and The Shield, not to mention The Office, 30 Rock and Friday Night Lights, we are living in the golden age of television right now. (Oh, I forgot Tool Academy, which is poised to be the greatest reality show of all time. Seriously, treasure this era.)

– With all of his time-traveling, I think it is entirely plausible that it will be Locke who tells Ben about the wheel that shifts the island in time. It is one of those Escher painting things. And it confirms Locke’s theories about fate.

– Juliet and Sawyer will be getting it on soon. Come on. You have to see that coming.

– The time-travel mechanism is a brilliant tool for the writers to explain every odd/misplaced object on the island. I fully expect an episode in which the island pops up in the Arctic, with snow everywhere, thus giving the island the polar bear. Time-shifting also explains the pirate ship, the inexplicably giant foot, etc.

– Loved the “Weekend at Sayid’s” story line last night. Hey, look, it’s Sayid, and he’s dancing! That crazy Sayid!

– Benjamin Linus is by far the most compelling character on the show. I am more interested in him than the rest of the lot combined. Maybe this season his eyes will actually blink.

– I can’t claim this. It was said by someone at a Lost viewing party I attended last night. “Every time a minor character gives a monologue, they should expect to die.” Cue the flaming arrow in Neil Frogurt’s chest.

– Also from someone else at last night’s party: “If someone told you during the first season that the series would revolve around time travel, on paper, would you have wanted to follow this show?” The consensus was no. Yet here we all are.

– Best moment of the season thus far: When Hurley throws a Hot Pocket at Ben. I so wanted Ben to say, “Give up, Hurley. You are out of Hot Pockets. You are completely defenseless.” Also, I think Jim Gaffigan should get ten cents every time someone on television eats, cooks or mentions Hot Pockets


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