This photo needs a caption

Who has a good one?

Photo by Olivia Hook.

Update 11/03/08: I have received several entries. Thank you. For those of you who are too lazy to click on the comments section, here are my favorites:

“You look like what Vic Mackey would look like if he was in an improv group with Mike Costantini.” – Dan

“Damn it, I’d be PERFECT for that ‘Shield’ spinoff: ‘Son of Shield.’ If I don’t get that, my agent’s fired.” – Sarah

“Huh, everyone here has a date. I really wish I’d known.” – Soren

“Jason Kidd gets more ladies without the goatee, but his on-the-court presence isn’t quite as terrifying.” – Silver

Can these be topped? I put it you you, JDC readers.