The Wellspring opened for Pete Yorn at The Wiltern and The Second Column was there


Mike, Sean and I from The Second Column Podcast, as well as our intrepid associate producer Tom, went to The Wiltern last night to see The Wellspring (Ep. 167) open for Ben Kweller and Pete Yorn. The band did a magnificent job. I snapped this photo with my camera. After the show, Dov Rosenblatt told me had never been to The Wiltern before (he recently moved to LA from New York), which accounted for his not having jitters. The Wellspring did not look like a band on its first major tour. In spite of some mixing issues on the board — Mike was ticked, saying, “Come on, they’re easy to mix!” — the band’s set sounded great. We also talked to Talia Osteen and she promised to introduce Sean to Yorn for a third time. We’re going to hold her to that.

It was a great night for music. Yorn played his hit album musicforthemorningafter in its entirety, with a Behind the Music story about almost every song.

The big winner of the night, though, was Mike, whom we often tease about going to concerts and, instead of clapping the cheering, just pointing at the stage when he’s happy. We rip on him for this all the time. Well, last night, we were surrounded by stage-pointers. Mike kept pointing at them, to show us he’s not the only one who does this. It was very meta. Mike pointing at people who point because he likes to point. Anyways, Mike was vindicated. Don’t worry. We’ll find something else to tease him about.

We plan to have The Wellspring back on the show after it wraps up its tour with Yorn and Ben Kweller.

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles
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    Continue teasing. More examples doesn’t make it right.


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