The Donatellis are going to Athens

Jen and I will be in Athens from September 1 through mid-December.  We’ve been talking about living in Athens again for years, and we decided to make it happen this fall. While in Athens we’ll continue to work as freelance writers and editors, and we’ll also help the journalism school launch its first slate of online classes. Technically we can do that from anywhere, but we think there will be benefits to being able to meet with administrators and professors and students at the start.

We’ve rented a small place just off-campus not far from the former Smoose/Trinko/Van Brimmer compound on State. (We hope the neighborhood has recovered since then.) If you live in Cleveland or Columbus, and have extra furniture to lend, let’s chat. Right now we need a sofa and a desk. Chloe is coming with us. We’re looking forward to her running around College Green, Strouds Run and Tony’s. We are coming back to Los Angeles. This isn’t permanent. If you know someone who wants to sublease a great Hollywood apartment for four months, shoot me an email at contactjoed (at)

We plan to do the following things in Athens: go Uptown (often), finally use the bike path for once, take in the local scenery at Hocking Hills and Strouds Run, hike Bong Hill, stare disappointingly at the Hocking River, dress up for Halloween, go to football games, watch the 110, hang out with the kids from UPC and The Post, check out Shade Winery (yes, there’s a nearby winery), visit our old dorm rooms, eat several hundred Lucky’s cheese sticks, see as many of you as possible at Homecoming, hit Kroger for a 12 of Natty Lite at least once and other such shenanigans.

Also, I will be writing a book about Ohio University while we’re there. More on that later.

If you’re in Athens this fall, let us know!

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles

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