Go see my friend Paige White’s play ‘The Children’ at Boston Court in Pasadena

My friend Paige White is in a new play called The Children at Boston Court in Pasadena. Honestly, I have no idea if this play is any good or not, but Paige is always good. I saw this play on Friday and Paige, and the story, are magnificent. Go just for her performance. You won’t be disappointed. The Children runs May 12 through June 10.

The synopsis:

“What if a character from Medea wrested the children away from their mother’s murderous intent, accidentally transporting them to present-day Maine in the middle of a hurricane? The Children is a layered, Rubik’s Cube of a story, rich with comedy, passion and pain. Is that the modern-day sheriff or Jason, Medea’s husband? Will these children grow up to overcome their horrific childhoods? Wild theatricality, myth, and puppetry combine to tell an eerily moving story of survival and healing.”

For more info go here.

UPDATE: Looks like it’s a winner. It’s the Critics Pick in Backstage. From the review: “Sonny Valicenti and Paige Lindsey White create magic as the Man-in-Slacks and the Woman-in-Sundress, who remove the puppets from harnesses as they descend from above and literally breathe life into them. Placing their hands inside their backs and operating their arms with Thai puppet–like sticks, Valicenti and White voice and manipulate the children à la Timon in Taymor’s “The Lion King.” Gratch’s puppets are captivating, with faces paying homage to the Mask of Agamemnon at Mycenae and fluid movements Valicente and White execute so well the inanimate kiddies become as real as their co-stars.”

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles
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    You’re the best, Joe! Thank you so much!


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