The controversial breakfast that continues to rock the Donatelli household to its very core

Jen thinks the way I eat my cereal is crazy. I think it’s not only tasty, it’s healthy.

Here’s the situation.

Every morning I pour myself one cup of Wheaties or Cheerios or Special K or Raisin Brain or whatever box of mass-produced bland is on sale at Ralph’s that week. I cut up a whole banana, and I sprinkle the cereal with blueberries. But then instead of milk, I pour in one cup of orange juice.

strange cereal

I know how it looks, but it’s a TASTY DELIGHT!

Here’s my defense, besides the improved taste.

Almost all cereal is devoid of flavor and adding a flavor-less liquid such as milk just adds to the gruel taste. But when you take Special K and you mix it with Tropicana 50, you have healthy Froot Loops, my friend. The coup de grâce: I save 90 calories by not drinking milk and by putting low-cal OJ, which I would have drank anyway, in the bowl.

Jen thinks putting orange juice in cereal is disgusting, but she eats dried seaweed for a snack, which renders her opinion invalid.