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rat pageant sketch comedy

Rat Pageant? What is Rat Pageant? Is it some type of pageant for rats? And all of the judges are cats? And all of the rats tape their boobs up and put Vaseline on their teeth? And the winning rat has a sex tape and is shamed and forced to go on Larry King to apologize? And all of America is like, no one even pays any attention to these Rat Pageants, anyway, so why do we even have them?

No, that’s not what this is at all.

Rat Pageant is the sketch comedy group founded by Sean Kearney, of Second Column Podcast fame, and Mark Saul, the actor/musician who is a frequent guest on our show. I will be appearing in two of the sketches in the show, which is a one-time-only affair at The Improv Comedy Lab on Dec. 3, 2010 at 9 p.m. Also joining the cast is John Kyle Grady, the handsome and funny actor from my improv group Pangea. There are only 40 tickets available, so get yours now by going here.

Official Rat Pageant website here.

For a preview of the type of comedy that’s in store, check out this video:

Joe Donatelli
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