Presidential endorsement #1

First in a continuing series.

I am not voting for Dennis Kucinich, mainly because I am not insane. But I am pulling for him to win the Democratic nomination. Because I oppose the war? No. Because I am for the little man? Nah. Because I want higher taxes for me and my children and the Chinese overlords who would rule over us all in a post Kucinich America? Nope. I’m pulling for D-Kuc, as I like to call him, simply so I can have four more years of Amy Poehler on SNL.

(Above: She — yes, she — plays a mean Kucinich.)

Yeah, it’s pretty much come to this. My vote might be based on who would inspire the greatest comedy, because vast amounts of comedy might force the public to reach a tipping point, and the boil-over of American anger will help fuel the revolution my weekend militia and I have been gearing up for. Hey, these grenades are not going to throw themselves.

In other news: I am also rooting for D-Kuc to cry in public, a la Hillary, because the tears would be so tiny.

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles

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