Podcast guest Ilana Cohn on South Park tonight

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Second Column podcast guest Ilana Cohn (Episodes 56, 116, 147) is on South Park tonight. She will be performing as the voice of Carolyn from Real Housewives of New Jersey. I will now take this opportunity to remind you that before she did our show, Cohn had never been invited to perform on television’s best and most-respected cartoon. Now look at her. What I’m saying is, we are totally taking all of the credit for her being on South Park.

Cohn told me about the experience through Facebook this morning.

“It was pretty awesome,” she wrote. “Trey (Parker) greeted us and was finishing up writing the scene when we got there. He’s super nice. He found us from the Real Housewives parody we did with Lisa Nova. He had all four of us come in. Trey was in the booth, cracking up when we read through the script. He also showed us the episodes raw and unfinished with Matt (Stone) and Trey’s voices as the women and storyboards in place of the unfinished parts. Then Matt came and had us all read for the Snookie part, not sure if they are using one of us or not, but it was fun to play Snookie as a little demon monster. Overall, definitely in the top 5 work experiences of my life. YAY South park.”

Here is the teaser for tonight’s episode “No! I won’t live in Jersey!”

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