Podcast 82: Graduation


The Second Column podcast has entered the beginning of its second phase. We have recorded and posted our first show not tied directly to something I wrote. Not surprisingly, it turned out wonderful. Guest Kevin Ford joined Carlos, Sean, Mike and I for a freewheeling discussion about Hitler, graduation speeches and yelling things out in movie theaters.

You may notice the show is structured differently. We are in the process of breaking the show into segments. So you are going to hear a sound “sting” when we switch topics. We are tinkering with how this will work. Bare with us while we figure it out.

Finally, we used to record on Thursdays and release on Sundays. Now we are recording on Tuesdays and will – Mike’s schedule permitting – release on Thursdays, so you get the shows earlier in the week.

If you don’t listen to the podcast, now is the time to start. Our fans say they listen to the show at work, while driving in the car, while working out, while walking the dog, while skateboarding and, we like to think, while making sweet love in front of the iPod. Make The Second Column podcast part of your life – and part of making life.

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