Bye, for now

This column is going on hiatus.

There are a number of reasons why.

For starters, I just took a job that demands my attention seven days a week. I edit the blog I love the work. Much of what I am getting paid to do will help The Joe Donatelli Column 2.0, launch date TBD. Ironically, I got the job, in part, because of the voice I developed writing this column. It was a victim of its own success.

On top of the time issue, I have not been happy with the quality of the column for the last few months. I think this had something to do with how the column was tied to the podcast each week. I felt restricted. The quality suffered some weeks. I am going to take this opportunity to rethink the Web site and return with something better. I will re-launch. I just don’t know when or what it will look like. In the meantime, I plan to post links and thoughts and funny items to this site daily, and will pen the occasional column when something crazy happens, like if I almost choke to death on salad dressing and my roommate saves me again, which could happen.

The Second Column podcast will continue, though in a different iteration, as there is no longer a column to which to link the podcast. Mike, Sean, Carlos and I are batting some ideas around. The show really hasn’t been about the column for awhile, so the quality should endure. (If you are a fan of the column, and have not done so already, subscribe to the podcast. It is fantastic.)

There is no podcast this week, but that has nothing to do with this announcement. Our producer was out of town and we were not able to schedule a show between the time he got back and this Sunday, when we usually unleash an hour-plus of insanity upon our poor iTunes subscribers. We plan to post one next week.

I appreciate all of the support you have shown me through a combined 180 columns (counting the Scripps Howard years). Your e-mails and letters and kind words in person fueled this endeavor. I write for free. Your support was the only fee I desired. In that sense, I am very rich. If only I could buy groceries with your support. (Why isn’t Obama all over this? Seems like the kind of thing he’d champion – a thumbs-up based economy.)

Thank you so much.
I’ll be back.
– Joe


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