Ohio U. grads should like this one

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Last night I went out to watch some improv with The Second Column podcast’s own Carlos Jaime. I had the following exchange with another guy while in line for the bathroom. He had noticed my Ohio University T-shirt.

Guy: Did you go to Ohio?

Me: Yes, I did. Are you from Ohio?

Guy: I went to Miami (of Ohio).

Me: Ah, our rival.

Guy: The two schools are pretty much the same.

Me: Yeah, we have a lot of similarities. That’s probably what makes us rivals.

Guy: I only went there for a year, and the main reason I went there was because they just built a new gym.

Me: …????….!?? Really?

Guy: Yeah, it was an awesome gym.

Then he went into the bathroom, leaving me alone with the thought, “That guy picked a college based on access to free weights and nautilus machines.”

Typical Miami.

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles
  • Danielle

    That is not typical Miami. Clearly anyone who would pick a college based on a new gym (and ADMIT to it) is an asshole.

    That being said, the gym they built while I was there was pretty fantastic…


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