Now this is what you get your husband for Valentine’s Day

My wife gives excellent gifts. For example, there is the beer boot she bought me for Christmas. Jen knows I have a long relationship with beer, and like any relationship sometimes you have to find new ways to keep it fresh. So now, on special occasions, such as a conference championship game or a Tuesday night, when I sip a fine Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, I do so out of my beer boot.

For Valentine’s Day this year I gave Jen a card and flowers. It has taken me several years to overcome the loathing all single people feel for Valentine’s Day, but I am finally at a happy place with it, even if celebrating the holiday implies you’re not romantic the rest of the year, which I am, but, like I said–happy place.

Jen gave me a card, a framed photo from our Cleveland engagement shoot and these, which combine my love of salted treats with my love of low-carb foods. Yes, I put them on the mantle, where they will remain until I am hungry.

I’m nuts about her, too.


Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles

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