My new editing gig

As some of you know, I’ve been consulting for DAME Magazine. DAME is a recently relaunched site for women over 30, although if you’re 29, we’re OK if you read it. We’re OK with everyone reading it.

The idea behind the site–and I completely agree with this–is that women are reaching new heights, and they deserve a publication that’s funny and interesting, that talks to them, not down to them and celebrates their historic ascension. If you’re a regular reader of women’s magazines, you know that’s a combination that has yet to be unlocked.

Working alongside some outstanding people, I’ve helped shape DAME’s editorial strategy, guided SEO and online publishing efforts, managed the site’s social media accounts, done some writing and editing and a bunch of other boring organizational stuff that involves spreadsheets, workflow and using the word “vertical.”

I know. It’s a women’s site. Shouldn’t a woman be doing some of those things? Don’t women know women better?

The goal is to create a platform where funny, smart, interesting writers will publish work that resonates with our readers. What matters is that the platform exists and that it’s good.

So, now the good news. Last week I agreed to transition from consultant to managing editor of DAME. I’m excited about this opportunity.

Because DAME is new and growing it is not yet a full-time position. I remain self-employed and still write for a handful of other publications.

I’ve worked for media companies at all stages of maturation, but never as one of the first employees at a start-up. There are risks and rewards to working for a start-up, the greatest reward being that you get to create something directly. With DAME, that something we create will be humorous, interesting and, most important, lasting. Glad to be on board.


Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles
  • Congrats dude! If they’re smart they’ll get you locked down on full-time. 


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