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Big show this week as we welcome a world-famous guest. Mary Jo Buttafuoco, author of Getting It Through My Thick Skull, joined The Second Column podcast (Episode 141) to talk about her current seven-year engagement, Mary Jo and daughter Jessica’s appearances on The Howard Stern Show, watching the Long Island Lolita movie objectively for the first time, how Joey Buttafuoco’s sociopath ways affect her family today and saying no to the worst reality TV show idea in history.

You can download or listen to the show here:

Below I have posted some show notes to aid in your enjoyment of the podcast:

Mayo Clinic definition of antisocial personality disorder

TheĀ official Howard Stern Show account of Jessica Buttafuoco’s call to Amy Fisher

A link to Mary’s Jo’s book Getting It Through My Thick Skull

How you can book Mary Jo to speak at your campus

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