Mark Saul podcast interview

Mark Saul Second Column Podcast Interview

Actor/musicianĀ Mark Saul (“Grey’s Anatomy” and The Flashcards) joins The Second Column podcast to talk about Mark and Sean’s years at El Commitment High, another exciting Joe date, shop-dropping at Best Buy, Mike’s blood tomatoes, working for Germans and Sean’s beloved, departed grandma. This show also features great original music from Mark, Sean and Mike. See Mark as Intern Steve in upcoming episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and with the bandĀ The Flashcards.

For photos of the show (we reference Mike’s hair a few times) check out our Facebook page.

Also referenced in this show: My trip to Adultcon with Los.

You can download or listen to the show at

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles

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