Lost: Some like it Hoth

– In one episode, Miles went from mopey drag to possibly the most important person on the island. (Well, except Ben and Faraday.) When is the last time a character on a TV show suddenly became this interesting? Maybe when Lem from The Shield got caught up in IAD’s Vic Mackey investigation, but even then we already loved him.

– Was I the only one who thought Radzinski’s dead guy was Hurley?

– If I lived on the island, I would not be a big fan of the Horace regime. He looks like he’s 10 seconds away from firing up the van and heading to Burning Man at any moment. Great guy to hang with, not such a great guy to count on for protection.

– Love Hurley’s attempt to write “The Empire Strikes Back,” – with improvements. I am guessing he would change the Luke-Vader scene at the end. This is not a bad idea. Imagine a “Return of the Jedi” in which Luke and Vader team up to defeat The Emperor. That would have been a pretty bad-ass movie. Or imagine Luke joining the dark side. Again, that would be a great flick. Instead we got Ewoks. I am with Hurley on this one.