Lost: Oh good, it's the French

Great episode. I fear the writers might be tackling too many story lines again. But if they can move all three of the current stories together coherently, this could be an excellent season.

– Good to see Sawyer getting more lines of dialogue outside of swearing and nicknaming. What makes him interesting is that he is a rogue who occasionally mans up and does the right thing. Good to see that part of his personality return. Also glad they found him that shirt.

– Best line of the season thus far: “Thank you, lord … I take that back!”

– It rains a lot in Los Angeles on Lost. Note to the rest of the country: It rains that hard maybe 10 days a year here. Maybe.

– How great was it to see that Jin was alive? Like I have said before, I have done a 180 on the Jin/Sun story line. I used to hate it. Now I love it. Jin and Sun could shape up to be this year’s Desmond/Penny. Here’s hoping they reunite by the end of the season. And yes, I am completely aware of how gay I sound.

– Good to see the young Rousseau. I hope they finally flush her story out and make it interesting. I never cared for her. Perhaps that was the point. But she bored me.

– Looking forward to seeing what Sun has up her sleeve next week. Besides that nine.