Lost: Guy LaFleur

Another rock-solid episode of Lost Wed. night. Loved all of the parallels. Sawyer/LaFleur lied. The Oceanic 6 lied. Sawyer had to get over Kate. The woman he saved had to get over the death of her husband. The theme of this episode was, “Life goes on.” Or if you are Sawyer, “Life goes on, Sparky.”

Glad we finally got an explanation for the giant foot, such as it was. Makes you wonder what kind of bad-ass tribe could build such a huge statue. I hope we encounter them.

I guess the big thing next week will be to untangle the Sawyer/Juliet/Kate/Jack love quadrangle, AKA love square. You don’t see enough love squares on TV, outside of Big Love, which might be some type of love dodecahedron. 

Logic bomb: Will Hugo take this opportunity to leave a bottle of Dharma ranch dressing in a tree where he can find it 25 years later? He has to, right?

I am looking forward to next week. Lost and 24 are clicking on all cylinders. So is TV’s hidden treasure, Tool Academy. Seriously. It is possibly the best reality show ever. There is still time to get on board.

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles

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