Jen and Joe California engagement photos

los angeles

Photographer Marnie Goodfriend has given us our California engagement photos. Marnie did a nice job, and I say that mainly because these photos make me look tall. If you want to see more of her work, please go to her website. Below you will find the rest of our California engagement photos. These were taken in and around Lake Hollywood Park.


On the swings. This photo is a lie, though, because normally she is the one who pushes me on the swings until her arms are very tired.

money bars

Jen is very competitive on the monkey bars and will sometimes make us go best four out of seven when I win first two out of three. Don't be fooled by how nice she is. She's a shark.


lake hollywood house

A beautiful photo of Jen and I trespassing on someone's Lake Hollywood property.



True story: while we were posing for this shot someone driving by in a car yelled, "That'll be a good one!" A drive-by-compliment? Only in LA.



I thought this photo was just of our shadows, not of us. Good thing Jen was actually paying attention.


lake hollywood park

I think we made out for about 35 minutes after this photo was taken. Marnie was a good sport and waited patiently.



Fact: couples who are in love look down at the ground with their foreheads pressed together. (Yes, that's the Hollywood sign in the background. Pretty cool shot.)



We are the things in this photo that are not trees.



This is me walking toward a cliff after Jen explained how much the wedding will cost. She eventually coaxed me back.



I'd say this photo sums things up. As does the next.