Jason in Chicago Checks in on The Podcast, Mengery and Fun with Research

Dear Joe & Show,

Congratulations for making the leap to the Land of Pod. For the past two weeks I’ve listened to your podcasts. They have filled me with many emotions, of which most have been pleasant. Ultimately though, I have enjoyed listening to your column, as it does not induce any eye-strain, and when I read your column by myself I am forced to make my own sound effects… some of which my co-workers have complained about.

I am troubled however by the current climate regarding Chinese imports and the gross inaccuracies your team is propagating. As someone whose job it is to make sure that toys from our Asian friends in the Pacific are safe and non-hazardous, I can assure you that this whole ‘lead thing’ is completely & grossly overblown. Lead is in-effect harmless, particularly to children who have much bigger things to worry about such as: being cool in school, the future of social security, and the possibility that they could be executed for doing a poor job professionally. (I am now, personally struggling with the latter…)

However, the main reason for my letter is congratulations, and to let you know that your show has a new fan and distribution in Chicago. I will continue to promote your material where I see opportunities in the Midwest and possibly start a fan club if I can find another member who is willing to listen to the program semi-regularly or at least pitch in for some T-shirts.

I did also wish to comment on your latest column on Menergy, as I found it freakishly interesting. I too like to smashwords together, like “slur-per-fluous” – when drunken ramblings are incoherent to the point that they add no value to a person’s inebriated attempts at communication. (Used in a sentence, you could say: Jason’s comments were slurperflous, so I stopped listening.)

Relating to your column though, I understand the intended meaning of the word “Menergy”. However, I don’t believe that it will really catch on into popular slang, as I feel this particular smashword is excessively contrived and could be possibly confusing. When I hear the word “Menergy”, these are the things that I would assume it to mean:

Menergy – A Centrum product. A daily vitamin promoting prostate health and geriatric ‘Randi-ness’.


Menergy – The measurement of the potential force of a G-Bomb. Ie. Rather than in kilotons, the bomb could be rated in Men-ergy-Tons.

(This is referring to your Fun w/ Research column and the concept of a Gay-Bomb i.e. unleashing a “weaponized version of x-tasy” on opposing troops. While the concept is valid, I believe that this strategy may not have the desired effect. In particular, if there are any females in the enemy ranks or if they have a portable radio, the target could simply turn into a foreign version of MTV’s “The Grind” with soldiers dancing around with their road flares and saying things like “No Way!! Do that again man…”)


My personal opinion as the most appropriate meaning for the term:

Menergy – A Male Energy drink (ala “let your man out” – Full Throttle, best tagline ever…) I actually conducted my own research on this and found that I was not alone in my interpretation of the word. Please visit the link attached.


(Now, the video contributes rather little to this piece, so if you enjoy it as much as I did, maybe you’ll want to share the audio or a portion of it with your listeners.)

Best of luck on your future broadcasts.

Jason in Chicago
PS – the picture of the Cat & Cake on your webpage is possibly the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.
PPS – Please bring Danny back for more sound effects.

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles

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