Inappropriate men’s room graffiti?

mens room graffiti

I don’t normally take photographs in men’s rooms, but I was at Smog Cutter last night and it was easily the craziest bar I have been to in LA. This graffiti, which was above the urinal, made the most sense of anything I saw last night.

Tiger Beat. Yes, Tiger Beat. But what does it mean?

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Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles
  • silver

    Hahaha, awesome. That’s up there with Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight You

  • There is no such thing as inappropriate men’s room graffiti. It is truly the last bastion of the first amendment.

  • Joe Donatelli

    Both of you are correct, but not as correct as drunk octopus, which could be the new logo for my website.


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