I Demand the World Pay for My Content!

honeymoon-italyI have published a collection of travel essays from my honeymoon in Italy. A few of them originally appeared on this website. I’ve since taken them all down, given them an edit, added a few more and published them as the ebook “Full Griswold” in the Kindle store.

This is my first attempt at self-publishing, and I learned a lot. The main thing is that it’s do-able. Amazon makes it incredibly easy to self-publish. In case you were wondering, Amazon lets you keep 35 percent of every sale. Is that ideal? No, but it’s better than the zero percent I would have made by only publishing these columns on my site.

The other thing I learned is that, to do this right, you still have to work with a few people, not unlike when working with traditional publishers. I used an editor, and next time I will use a designer to make the cover. When I get ambitious, I will employ a marketer.

The main cost is time, but for me this wasn’t a big problem. I wrote most of these stories right after my honeymoon in the weeks after I had been laid off. I had the time. And now we’ll see if anyone wants to own these stories. My bet is yes, or I would not have done this. I’ll post an update later to let you know how many copies I sold.