I will fuck you up, Big Mac!

(Photo by Bien Stephenson

The Case of Unfaithful Klara movie full /Flickr)

Thanks to reader Kelly S. for alerting me to the Angry Whopper’s

Jurassic Park release

existence. (I stopped going to BK a few years ago, when I determined that I wanted to live past 35.) The Angry Whopper, and yes it is my goal to write Angry Whopper as many times as I can in this post, has Angry Sauce, jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and spicy onion rings. The Angry Sauce is my favorite part of the Angry Whopper. It is not just an upset sauce, or a cantankerous sauce, it is an angry sauce. Angry Sauce is all, “Why don’t girls like me? How come girls only go for mustard and mayo? I am one pissed-off sauce. You, jalapeno and you, spicy onion ring, come with me. Let’s go fuck some shit up, BK-style!”

I could have grabbed an American ad for the Angry Whopper, but anger is always funnier in German. Also, I love any ad that contain the words “und jalapenos.”