I saw The Spanglers and they were terrific

jamie flam vanessa raglandI caught The Spanglers tonight at The Improv Comedy Lab. Good show. The Spanglers are Jamie Flam and Vanessa Ragland — two friends and podcast guests — as Jamie and Vanessa Spanglers, a wholesome husband-wife singing duo with some passive-aggressive tendencies.

I enjoyed the entire show, but two songs stood out — the ballad of Bubblegum Sue and their Broadway parody about life in 1956. I am writing this in hopes they have Google News Alerts set to their names so that they see my notes about their show. Keep playing these songs, please.

Also in the show were the fake show’s stage manager Meghan Parks and its M.C., Drew Droege, both of whom chewed the scenery quite nicely.

I will wrap up with a photo (after the jump) of the final sketch featuring Jamie’s “offensive Asian character” and Vanessa’s “black baby.” Also pictured, actor Graham Beckett, who has a small part in the show.

This pretty much sums it up.

flam and ragland

Joe Donatelli
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