I published a wedding article in Salon

I published my first article in Salon today. It’s a funny piece about wedding engagement photo shoots. The article is entitled (you can click on it here) I blame my fiancee for this wedding photo.

I had the pleasure of working with an excellent editor, Sarah Hepola. Thank you for your time and hard work, Sarah.

If you happened to click here from Salon, here are some of the engagement photos and here is a link to photographer Marnie Goodfriend’s website.

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles
  • Cooler than you getting published in the excellent Salon.com? Seeing your article featured on Salon’s home page while going about my usual business. Congrats! Finding your article on Salon was the best part of my day (which, admittedly, was awfully craptastic, but still).

  • Joe Donatelli

    Thanks, Scot. I really appreciate it. Praise from Caesar!


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