I met Huey Lewis and The News drummer Bill Gibson

I caught Huey Lewis and The News at the Orange County Fair this weekend. Great show, as always. The highlight was going backstage at the Pacific Ampitheater, where I finally met face-to-face with drummer Bill Gibson. As you may or may not recall, I interviewed Gibson after our paths crossed on the HLN.org message board.

I took a photo with Bill, but because it was from a Blackberry, the quality is not great, which is why I have not posted it. If/when I get some time to touch it up, I will post. Bill and I spoke for a few minutes. The band is touring the West Coast in August, including what sounds like a pretty cool gig at Mountain Winery in Saratoga. He said HLN is playing front of lots of new fans. (A poll of the audience Huey conducted during the show confirms this. More than half the crowd had never been to a Huey Lewis and The News show before.) When I asked Gibson why the band is attracting so many new fans, he said–and you have to like this level of honesty–“I don’t know.”

The backstage scene was outdoors, outside of what appeared to be the band’s dressing room. It was a fun mix of people. Young beautiful women. Older beautiful women. Hippies. Military guys. One super-fan who had seen the band in the 1980s told Huey the date and even the section he sat in from the first time he saw the band.

Huey stopped to chat with as many people as he could, including Jen and me. Jen took a photo with him. I’ll leave it to her to post it somewhere.

Overall, it was a great time. Good music. Good people. Wish I had a good photo of Bill and me, but that will teach me to own a Blackberry.

Photo credit: OC Weekly

Joe Donatelli
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