How will The Shield end?


There are two episodes left. I am starting a list. Please feel free to add to it.

1. Vic takes down the Mexican cartel, gets a job with the feds and continues to clean up Farmington. Seeing the error of his ways, he becomes the good cop he never gave himself a chance to be. Odds: 1,000,000-to-1

2. Claudette and Dutch take Vic down and send him to prison. Odds: 50-to-1

3. Claudette and Dutch must choose between taking down Vic, who is a murderous cop, and letting Vic take down the Mexi cartel, which, with its money and power, is even more loathsome and evil than Vic Mackey. Claudette and Dutch let Vic go. Odds: 5-to-1

4. Much like Vic did to Terry, Dutch goes Mackey and puts a bullet in Vic’s brain and gets away with it, citing self-defense, or possibly pinning the murder on Shane. This ending would keep Mackey’s philosophy alive. The only way you can get justice on the streets is to get dirty. Odds: 25-to-1

5. Vic goes rogue and works for the Mexi cartel full-time. This would explain why he currently is withholding info about the Mexi cartel’s intentions in Farmington from the feds. Odds: 75-to-1

6. Vic puts a bullet in Shane’s head. The show would start with Vic killing a team member and end with Vic killing a team member. There is a nice symmetry to that. Odds: 20-to-1

7. Shane puts a bullet in Vic’s head. The show would start with Vic killing a team member and end with Vic getting killed by a team member. There is a nice symmetry in that, too. But it assumes that Shane will outwit Vic, which is a longshot. Odds: 40-to-1

8. Claudette, who is ill, puts a bullet in Vic’s head. She only has a few months/years left to live, she figures, so why not? What good will her remaining days be if she can’t bring Vic to justice? Odds: 10-to-1

9. Lt. Kavanaugh (Forest Whitaker), driven mad, returns from Vic’s past and blows him away. Odds: 200-to-1

10. In order to secure his mayoral election, Aceveda must rely on Vic to do his dirty work once again and in return Vic gets his old job back at The Barn, running another strike team. Thus proving my theory: On the gritty streets of Los Angeles, Vic Mackey is the ultimate survivor. Odds: 7-to-1