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Actor Ross Marquand joins The Second Column podcast (episode 148) to talk about filming the movie A Lonely Place For Dying in a New Mexico prison, shares his impersonations of Harrison Ford, Gollum, James Gandolfini and others, learns how Sean Connery orders a steak, talks about his days as a regional Captain Morgan rep in bars and divulges his blood connection to the movie Return of the Jedi. Also, Los and Joe give Mike his first porn DVD after visiting AdultCon 19.

You can download or listen to the show here: http://www.thesecondcolumn.com/

Show notes:

1. The Michael Jordan Hitler mustache

michael jordan, hitler mustache

2. The Never Shake A Baby Commercial

3. Ross in There Will Be Bud

4. Ross’s distant relation Richard Marquand, who directed Return of the Jedi

5. Mike’s first porn DVD – Garden Hos

garden hos, porn, dvd

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