Good luck to my friend who is trying to lose weight and gain knowledge

Just want to take a moment from writing about Mitt Romney’s underpants and ridiculous craft beer reviews to congratulate my buddy Smoose on his quest to eat healthier and read more in 2012. He is chronicling his progress on a blog named 12 Piece Dickens Dinner, which I think is a great name, mainly because I thought of it. His goal is to cut out fried foods, which can be difficult in the South, where they have been known to deep-fry Coca-Cola. He also is reading a book a month, which I know Smoose can do because when we were college roommates I know I saw books in his room, although mainly they were used as shelf legs. In any case, good luck, buddy!

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles

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