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Journalist Write for a variety of websites with a focus that includes but is not limited to humor, health, career and sports. More articles here.


Brand Humorist Write humorous copy for clients’ websites, newsletters, bios, posters, billboards, programs, brochures and social media accounts


Consultant Help publishers hire writers, refine editorial strategy, generate story ideas, improve workflow and execute best practices for online publishing


Community Manager Write social media content and interact with communities for businesses and organizations


Instructor Taught Ohio University’s first strategic social media class

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Copy Editor Edit copy for websites, businesses and public relations firms


Professional recommendations can be found on LinkedIn.

Here are a few:

Reporter Jessica Wehrman: “Joe Donatelli is undoubtedly one of the more talented guys I’ve ever known, and that’s saying a lot. I met him at Ohio University and later we both worked together at Scripps Howard News Service. He snagged a job there after being an absolutely legendary intern. He was talented and a fabulous writer and editor and they knew better than to let him go. Beyond that, he was fun, easygoing and incredibly easy to work with. Talent like his should demand a degree of ego, but Joe has always been incredibly accessible and easy to relate to. He is drop-dead funny and smart enough to know that being funny is a marketable skill. He’s trustworthy, and I’ve always looked to him to be the sort of guy who does the right thing without being a sanctimonious git about it.”

Social media strategist Abigail Quesinberry: “I cannot say enough great things about Joe. I will sing his praises until the cows come home. Since Joe took over content creation and community management for one of our campaign’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, we have seen huge gains in engagement levels, exceeding goals for every set KPI. Joe is personable, creative and funny. He nailed the tone of our campaign right away and took ownership of the subject matter, curating content from across the Web and developing creative and nuanced messaging. Joe over-delivers and does so on time. He’s a joy to work with and he gets results. I look forward to the opportunity of working with him again.”

Video Curator Earnest Pettie: “Working in the same department as Joe, I quickly learned that Joe has one of the greatest strengths you could ask of a writer or an editor. He quickly and easily adapts his work to whatever direction he receives without sacrificing an iota of quality. I believe this speaks to the deep well of knowledge he possesses and a willingness to constantly refill that well in pursuit of always getting better. I watched Joe tackle a number of different projects for Break, writing and editing, always leaving them better than he received them. Joe receives my strongest recommendation to anyone considering employing his talent.”


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