How to Download Books and Articles from Amazon to Kindle on Any Device


As someone who sometimes publishes and sells his work through Amazon, I get this question now and then: “I’m not familiar with Amazon/Kindle/buying ebooks. How can I read your work?”

Lucky for all of us, Amazon has made it very easy to read its ebooks. You don’t have to own a Kindle. You can read ebooks and articles purchased through Amazon on your personal computer, MAC, smart phone or tablet. Amazon spells out all of your options on this page, which links to all of its FREE reading apps.

The basics:

1. Create an Amazon account, if you have not already. You will need to provide your contact info and a credit card. I have used Amazon for years and have found purchasing through the site to be incredibly safe and easy.

2. Decide where you want to read. If you have a Kindle, that’s the obvious choice. If you have a tablet, such as an iPad, you can download the FREE app to your iPad. You can do the same with your smart phone as well. With tablets and smart phones, you will need to log in to your apps using your amazon user name and password so that Amazon knows where to send the books and articles you buy. You can also read on your personal computer or PC. Here’s that link again that lists all of your options.

3. Once you have purchased your ebook from Amazon, and have downloaded an app and logged in, your new purchase should be available on your chosen reading device. If it is not, look for the Sync button, and click that to update your library. At this point you should see your purchases in your library. You can download them and read, and when you are finished, you can remove books and articles from your device to free up memory. Don’t worry. The things you purchase from Amazon are still available to you in “the cloud” (that means not on your device, but stored digitally) for later use.

Email me at contactjoed (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any questions.

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