Democratic presidents playing cards


UPDATE: This painting of Democratic presidents playing cards is by artist Andy Thomas. This post has generated so much traffic to my website that I interviewed Andy Thomas about his presidents playing cards paintings and life as an artist, among other things. I found out, for example, that Rep. Darrell Issa of California has a copy of this painting in his office, along with a painting of Republican presidents playing cards. If you want to buy one these paintings go here. My original smart-ass remarks about the painting are below:

– Goody-goody Jimmy Carter is playing cards while bad boy JFK just stands around and watches? I don’t think so.

– Andrew Jackson, knowing that Democrats often take money that is not theirs, wisely brought a pistol to the game. (UPDATE: Thomas told me it’s a cane. But I still like the idea of Jackson packing heat.)

– Did Truman come straight from a Jimmy Buffett concert?

– You just know Woodrow Wilson gets pissed every time JFK and Clinton talk skirts. He’s all like, “Gentlemen, let us discuss how America can be an arsenal for democracy.” And JFK is like, “Er, uh, I’ll tell you who had a great arsenal –Sophia Loren. She had an arsenal that would not, er, uh, quit.”

– Everyone hates FDR’s joke at the end of each hand when he says, “Gentlemen, it appears the time has come for a New Deal.” Except Carter. It cracks Carter up every time.

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles
  • Jay Thompson

    just thought I would correct a little.

    Jackson doesn’t have a gun. it’s his Cane that he always carried and once almost beat would be assassin to death.

    the Truman had a home in florida, hence the tropical shirt. and if you look closely on the shirt there is a mushroom cloud on the right chest representing the a-bomb.

    also notice that FDR is the only one with cards in his hand….about to deal a “new Deal”

  • Joe Donatelli

    Jay — you are right. I thought it was a gun.

    I did not know Truman had a home in Florida. I think two liberal Floridians like him and Jimmy Buffet would have had much to discuss.

    I did notice the FDR thing, which inspired the awful, awful joke I wrote.


  • I am interested in buying prints of the presidents by Andy Thomas. Can you tell me where I may purchase these? I saw a print of the Democratic Presidents and a painting of the Republican Presidents at an art shop in a New Orleans Riverwalk store.

    Jerry Folse
    Folse Seafood and Louisiana Specialty Products, LLC
    Gonzales, LA 70737
    Phone: 225) 644-0065 Cell: (225) 268-1850

  • Joe Donatelli

    If you want to buy this painting, or anything else from Andy Thomas, go here:

  • Harold Kirsh

    I have just completed the writing of a complete book of history after driving 14,000 miles to visit every president’s birth and burial site and about 115 museums. It is based on the factors responsible for the rearing as kids. ie,. mother, father other family and frinds, clergy, teachers, locale, events etc. It will be published this fall and I am arranging for book signing appearances at this time. I have 2 reproductions of andy Mills paintings that will accompany me anf they will be placed on eother side of me as I speak. Only to illustrate that I am totally unbiased im my political views and am truly “middle of the road”. If you have any interest in this please contact me.

    6474 Brandon SDt.
    Palm Beach gardens, Florida

  • Poppinfresh

    The game continuously erupts into confusion and eventually fails, as the losers constantly hound the winners to redistribute their winnings to the ‘less fortunate’.


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