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I love Dave and Buster’s. For those of you unfamiliar with the restaurant chain, Dave and Buster’s serves food and alcohol and has pool tables, video games and sports challenges like Pop-A-Shot, Football Toss and Run Away From The Teenage Gang Members Chasing You In The Parking Lot. Dave and Buster’s is what I imagine Brewster’s house from “Brewster’s Millions” would look like if he just had a little more time. I love how imperfect it is. Everything in Los Angeles is nice. Dave and Buster’s is garish and unintentionally hilarious. I love it so much, I came up with these slogans for Dave and Buster’s after my most recent trip there. These were published on my Twitter account originally. Enjoy nine brand-new Dave and Buster’s slogans.

1. Dave and buster’s: a 58-year-old white man’s idea of what 13-year-olds probably like to do on a saturday night.

2. Dave and busters: because that affliction shirt ain’t gonna wear itself out of the mall.

3. Dave and buster’s: a place where espn execs discover espn channels even they didn’t know existed.

dave and busters, slogan, games

4. Dave and buster’s: where 800 skeeball tickets can get you one free semester at the university of phoenix.

5. Dave and buster’s: because daddy needs his relaxy juice.

6. Dave and busters: because dry bathroom surfaces suck.

7. Dave and busters: the place you go 8 seconds after you shave your head.

dave and busters, slogan, games, girls

8. Dave and busters: the place you go before you go to the place where you lose your virginity.

9. Dave and busters: where gang bangers go to kill time with their fat or pregnant girlfriends.

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles
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    Dave and Busters: Gambling without the social stigma!


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