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I just finished reading this fantastic post at A Hamburger Today and wanted to applaud the author and share it with you. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt went to the In-N-Out in Sausalito and ordered and documented every single item and option on the In-N-Out public menu, the In-N-Out secret menu and the In-N-Out super-duper-secret menu. What makes the article, though, is that the cashier caught wind of what the writer was doing and was into it, saying, “Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this day ever since I started working here!” Lopez-Alt shares some great insider info on secret menu items such as the Flying Dutchman, the 2 x 4 and mustard grilled, which I will order next time I go to In-N-Out Burger.

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles
  • I had to look at the slideshow on this one, because this one time, in San Diego, I tried to order from the secret menu, (ie. i heard you get a burger chopped up “Animal-style” on a basket of fries) and the acne-laden 17-year old clerk tried to tell me the “secret menu” doesn’t exist. I was so bummed out, because what more could you ask for than a chopped-up In-and-Out burg smothered with American cheese and greasy, grilled onions on some delectable, only oncely cooked fries? Yes, the only thing better than that would be a chopped-up In-and-Out burg smothered with American cheese and greasy, grilled onions on some delectable DOUBLY fried french fries. In fact, that is the only way to cook fries, according to Anthony Bourdain and his famous Las Halles cookbook. First, you “blanch” the fries at a low heat, lifting them out of the fryer and evenly spreading them onto a sheet tray to dry and cool and then re-frying them at a high temperature to get that perfect crispy outside and fluffy inside.

  • Joe Donatelli

    Dear In-N-Out,

    Please add Animal Style Burger and Fries a la Stephanie to your menu.


  • Dave Barro

    Love it! Nice work

  • God I hate In-N-Out. They somehow managed to make people that eat fast food on a regular basis feel elitist. Kudos. Also, the hidden Bible code on their cups puts me off. Are you trying to sneak God into my body along with 400 calories of high fructose corn syrup?
    Well, anyway, if you need me I’ll be over at the dirty Fatburger with the dregs of society. Harumph.

  • Ok, I just checked out the article and my eyes hurt from rolling around in my head. I’ve decided to make my self a peanut butter* and jelly sandwich as many ways as possible. Like a peanut butter-on-the-outside**. And then a jelly-on-the-outside***. And then an inside-out peanut butter and jelly sandwich****. And then a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich*****.
    *that’s peanuts mixed with oil and butter
    **that’s when you leave the jelly on the inside, but put peanut butter on the outside of the sandwich.
    ***that’s when you put the peanut butter on the inside and put jelly on the outside of the sandwich.
    ****that’s when you there’s nothing in the middle of the sandwich, but there’s jelly on one side, and peanut butter on the other–REALLY GOOD! I’ve started doing this at home!
    *****this is where you toast the two slices of bread before you make your peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

  • Joe Donatelli

    I believe Brian just served the comments section, mustard style.

  • Samantha Franco

    Dear Brian.

    In case you did not know. In N Out is a privately owned family business who love to share Christianity with not only their employees and family but to the customers. They want to praise God through the gifts that He has given them. Just because you do not enjoy In N Out does not mean it gives you the right to degrade their beliefs. If you dont like it, then let it be. Enjoy your Fatburger while others enjoy the joys of In N Out. :)

  • Carla Lazzarini

    Dear Samantha,

    Brian did not “degrade” In N Out’s beliefs. He says he is put off by the subtle/sneaky religious content on their cups. He has a right to his beliefs (which we have no idea what they are!) and freely chooses to take his business elsewhere. Just sayin’.


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