Chuck Norris Versus Communism

Meryl Streep’s comments about Donald Trump at the Golden Globes have everyone talking about Hollywood’s politics again. For an excellent example of how Hollywood actually does affect politics, and how it changes the world, I recommend the documentary Chuck Norris Versus Communism (Netflix).

Western films were forbidden in Romania when it was under communist rule, creating a black market for our action films (American bad-ass Chuck Norris was particularly beloved), as well as comedies and romantic movies. How these movies got to the masses behind the Iron Curtain makes for quite the movie itself. When Romania eventually overthrew its leaders, credit was given to Western cinema for showing the people a window into a better world (one with well-stocked grocery shelves, nice cars, nice clothes, and heroic individuals.)

Streep has every right to talk politics, but that’s not a particularly effective way to change minds. (Which, to be fair, it didn’t appear she was trying to. It more looked like she was trying to rally the base.) The more subversive, long-lasting and high-impact way to create the world you want to live in is to make the type of art that changes people. Of course, that’s harder than virtue-signalling in a room filled with your like-minded peers, but as Chuck Norris Versus Communism showed, if your art is good, or even just entertaining, it can inspire people, maybe in ways you never imagined. As Los Angeles enters its La Resistance phase, that’s something worth keeping in mind.

I give Chuck Norris Versus Communism 4 out of 5 flying leg kicks.


Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles

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