Best WTF face of all time

Angelina from Jersey Shore, who is quickly rounding into form as the dumbest reality television show character of all time (sorry, Snooki), was so drunkenly incoherent in tonight’s episode that she caused The Situation and Pauly D to make perhaps the greatest WTF faces in the history of television. After slapping Pauly D three times, she tried to explain that she did not slap Pauly D three times, and rambled on about some girls in the club who had nothing to do with her slapping Pauly D three times. Wha? Huh? Exactly. I give to you The Situation WTF Face and the Pauly D WTF Face:

the situation, jersey shore, wtf face

pauly d, jersey shore, wtf face

I can’t overstate how far beyond the pale someone must go to elicit these faces from Pauly D and The Sitch, as he is now known. Pauly D is a guy who has a tattoo of the word Cadillac branded on the side of his body and The Situation is a guy who made out with Snooki at the end of the first season. Pauly D does not look at himself with no shirt on in the mirror and make that face. The Situation did not clutch Snooki’s carrot-colored body in the hot tub in Seaside and make that face. Angelina caused those faces to happen.

I was so entertained by this, I paused the show to write this post and have yet to resume the episode. OK, back to the show.

FYI: This is Angelina – causer of flabbergasted faces.

angelina, jersey shore, wtf face