Bar stool DUI

I received this one from a few readers.

Yes, this could only happen in Ohio.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

Gerrit Konink was sitting in his living room around dinnertime earlier this month when he heard somebody down the street fire up what he thought was a lawnmower.

He figured one of his neighbors was getting a jump on his yard work. Instead, it was someone jumping on a motorized bar stool. From his window, the 66-year-old Konink then saw something buzz down Kelley Lane in Newark.

“I knew it was something strange, and then it was gone,” he said. “It was too fast.”

Newark police say that Konink saw a neighbor riding a motorized bar stool shortly before the man wrecked while trying to make a U-turn. Police say that Kile Wygle, 28, had one too many before wheeling his homemade oddity around the neighborhood on March 4. Wygle was charged with driving the bar stool while under the influence. (More here.)

From, the actual motorized barstool with police drawing of the suspect: 

My only question is where do you put your beer?