Apparently my brothers and I have opened an Italian restaurant

This comes courtesy of my buddy Michael Lander, who claimed he saw this right when he turned on the TV. Suuuure. Secret’s out, Michael. You’re a Guy Fieri fan. Own it!

guy fieri

Donatelli’s is in White Bear Lake, Minn., where my relatives who thought Ohio was too warm must have settled.

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles
  • Michael Lander

    Not so much a Guy Fieri fan as I am a ferocious devotee to really shity gold nugget jewelery.

  • Ha ha. He’s your man, then!

  • Susie Thomas

    I grew up going to donatellis! Awesome pizza and ice cream. They had a pacman and would even deliver to our high school!

  • You had pizza delivered to your high school? The only thing we ever had delivered to our high school was disinfected wrestling mats for the multi-purpose room.


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