Another Smashword

This is from Scot in New York in response to the “smashwording” section of my Menergy is the New Metrosexual column:

I have a smashword I must share with you:

mantuition (man + intuition)

Yes, it is the male version of “women’s intuition.” Any time you get somewhere without the aid of a map or stopping for directions? Mantuition. Whenever you find a way to pack twice the mass of your car into your car’s trunk? Mantuition.

I was pretty proud of myself for coining the term after packing an absurd amount of Christmas gifts and baby paraphernalia into our Honda Accord last year. Sure, my wife threw a shoe at me for my cleverness, but it was totally worth it.

Check out Scot’s awful movie review Web site at Bargain Bin Review. (That’s not to say Scot’s site is awful. The movies he reviews are awful. The site is quite good.)

Joe Donatelli
Joe Donatelli is a writer in Los Angeles

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