• Nanooksmom

    What a tear jerker!! And so moving! It was like a car accident, you hate to see one but you cant stop from looking. That’s how I felt reading this article. Very moving! I will pass it on so that my other half can break down and cry while trying to work surrounded by people who think he’s depressed.

  • If I can make just one man cry while in an office setting today, I will have done my job. Thank you.

  • nc3467

    My heart goes out to you. Several years ago I had my 17 year old Bichon euthanized. Your description of Chloe brought years to my eyes. It’s so sad. Thank you for this beautiful article.

  • I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Cybernia

    Sorry for your loss. Anyway, I think it’s great that you had this revelation, but it also seems strange to me that people only realize this when their pet dies. I wonder why that compels them to value chicken and pigs more? As a lifelong vegetarian, I dunno, I just never saw any one species of animals as being superior to another.

  • I don’t have a great answer for that question, other than: 1.) You can tell someone to do something repeatedly, but they won’t agree until they have their own epiphany 2.) Some vegetarians (those who are sanctimonious) actually dampen the popularity of their lifestyle. Because their approach is sometimes smug or superior, agreeing to abide by their lifestyle is seen as an admittance of moral failure on behalf of the meat-eater, instead of a volitional healthy/kind lifestyle choice.

  • Michelle Hill

    Luckily I work from home, because I’m certainly shedding a tear or 20! Thank you for loving Jen and Chloe so much. xoxo- Michelle

  • Kelly

    What a touching story, Joe. I know how special Chloe was to you both. :(

  • She was. Thank you.

  • Thank you, Michelle.

  • Terri M. Wehrman

    I can tell from this just how much Chloe is still in your hearts. Left me in big tears thinking about all the dogs and cats who are still in my heart!

  • She is. Thank you, Terri. We could all write books about these animals, couldn’t we?

  • Renee

    I actually tried to read this yesterday, while I was waiting in line at Ralphs. I immediately started crying, so I stopped. Im glad I read it at home, snuggling my dog, so that I could ugly cry in private. Just beautiful, Joe. Looking forward to hearing more about Tanner too.

  • Thank you, Renee. That’s the best way to read it.

  • Brian Huntington



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