5 Perfect Albums by Dave Holmes

We interviewed former MTV VJ/host Dave Holmes on The Second Column last night (show airs next week) and asked him for his favorite album. Holmes, a music lover, couldn’t name one, but instead gave us five “perfect albums” off the top of his head. Spoiler alert. I’m sharing them now.

Boys And Girls In America, The Hold Steady

Record Collection, Mark Ronson

Songs from the Film, Tommy Keene

Bob Mould Workbook, Bob Mould

Revolver, The Beatles

I’ll be honest. Revolver is the only one of these albums I have ever listened to, but I look forward to checking out the rest. Holmes then asked us what our perfect albums are. He really does love music. I think if you asked him what he loved about music, he would answer by saying, “To start with, everything…” He’s one of those guys.

These were our answers.

Toxic Angel, Joseph Arthur
(This is actually a song, not an album. This is also Mike answering the question, not a normal person, so we take what we can get.)

Loveless, My Bloody Valentine
(This is what Los listens to when he relaxes on vacation. Which explains things.)

Born To Run, Bruce Springsteen
My Aim Is True, Elvis Costello
(Sean did not want to hurt Bruce or Elvis’s feelings so he picked both.)

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, Wilco
(Sweet God, I love this album. So does Holmes. He named his blog after a line from a song on the album.)

The Dave Holmes episode great. It’s MTV’s 30th anniversary, so we talked about working at MTV, working with Jesse Camp, why it’s OK that MTV no longer plays music videos and we get into a lot of other interesting non-music topics as well.┬áThe show goes live next week. I will post a link here when it does.

Joe Donatelli
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